15th ICAD in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

May 31st to June 2nd, the 15th ICAD was held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The first day, traditionally reserved for the tutorials, started with a visit to the ‘ASML Experience’; the company that nobody knows but everybody needs. We had an insight how semiconductors were produced and the tremendous difficulties and investments that it requires.

The second day was hard work. The program was full and the level of the presenters was high. Thanks for keynote speakers Bert-Jan Woertman and Rob Brinker for such a good start of the official part of the conference. In the afternoon we had a keynotes from Nam Suh, the briljant mind behind Axiomatic Design, and Petra Foith-Foerster from Bosch who updated us on the novelties of automated (car) manufacturing.
Also thanks to the iconic Evoluon for the great environment and a perfect spot to take our group photo.
In the evening we had to harvest our own food at the 7th edition of ‘Asperges op de Velden’ where we also could see the automated selection and packaging systems for asperges before eating them. Michelin chef Herman Cooijmans pulled out all the stops for a culinary ecstasy.

The third and last day of the conference started with keynotes of Gert-Jan otto about TRIZ where he put us all at work to explore TRIZ and discover the power of the inventive design method. We had hardly recovered when Heinz Stoewer gave an exciting perspective about the past and the future of systems engineering, the stunning experience of a lifetime in 50 minutes.

A few attendants stayed till Saturday for the Clog decoration workshop.
They were long days with presentations and moments to socialize. We were a bit tired at the end, but what a great conference we had.

International Summerschool on Axiomatic Design 2023

The IAAD organises the second International Summerschool on Axiomatic Design from the 11th to the 13th of June 2023. Detailed information can be found here.

Fundamental principles of Axiomatic Design (AD) are reviewed, with insights and perspectives of over 30 years of teaching and practice. This should be of interest to beginners and to all levels of users.
The latest methods for using AD, qualitatively and quantitatively,
for selecting the best design solutions and for fostering innovations are presented. AD, originating with Nam Suh at MIT in the late 1970s, contends that all good designs comply with two axioms: maintaining independence of the functional elements and minimizing information content. AD can add value and reduce costs in designs and in the design process. Participants learn also to use Mirò software
for the design of complex systems and products.

This tutorial is intended students, PhD students, researchers and design practitioners, who might have never used Axiomatic Design as design theory, or who would like a fresh perspective.

International Summer School on Axiomatic Design

On 19-21 July 2022, the University of Bolzano in cooperation with the International Association for Axiomatic Design (IAAD) organises a summer school on Axiomatic Design. The program can be found at the bottom of this page.
If you would like to join the summer school, please contact:

Dr. Ing. Luca Gualtieri, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Free University of Bozen · Bolzano

Faculty of Science and Technology
Industrial Engineering & Automation (IEA)
Smart Mini Factory Laboratory

Latest updated program:

Tuesday 19 July 2022 – Axiomatic Design and Design of Complex Systems   
14:00-14:15    Welcome (Gabriele Arcidiacono, Luca Gualtieri)  
14:15-15:00    Lecture 1 – Origins of AD and Axioms (Nam Suh)  
15:00-15:45    Lecture 2 – Functional Thinking and Fundamentals of AD (Chris Brown)  
15:45-16:00    Break  121211
16:00-16:45    Lecture 3 – Manufacturing System Design Decomposition (David Cochran)
16:45-17:30    Lecture 4 – Collective System Design (David Cochran) 
17:30-18:00    Question and Answer  

Wednesday 20 July 2022 – Advanced Concepts and Applications of Axiomatic Design  
08.00-12.00    Groupwork Part 1 (Problem formulation, From CN to FR and C, Top level FR-DP) 
14:00-14:15    Wrap-up Day 1  
14:15-15:00    Lecture 5 – Title to be defined (Joe Foley)  
15:00-15:45    Lecture 6 – Complexity in Axiomatic Design (Erik Puik) 
15:45-16:00    Break  
16:00-16:45    Lecture 7 Example of AD application for problem solving (João Fradinho)
16:45-17:30    Lecture 8 – Design of inclusive workplaces in manufacturing (Erwin Rauch)  
17:35-18:00    Question and Answer  

Thursday 21 July 2022 – Groupwork and presentations 
08.00-12.00    Groupwork Part 2 (Decomposition, FR-DP tree, Acclaro software) 
14.00-14.45    Groupwork Part 3 (Design representation and power point preparation) 
16.00-17.15    Groupwork presentations and discussion 
17.15-18.00    Evaluation and Award Winners 

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