International Summer School on Axiomatic Design

On 19-21 July 2022, the University of Bolzano in cooperation with the International Association for Axiomatic Design (IAAD) organises a summer school on Axiomatic Design. The program can be found at the bottom of this page.
If you would like to join the summer school, please contact:

Dr. Ing. Luca Gualtieri, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Free University of Bozen · Bolzano

Faculty of Science and Technology
Industrial Engineering & Automation (IEA)
Smart Mini Factory Laboratory

Latest updated program:

Tuesday 19 July 2022 – Axiomatic Design and Design of Complex Systems   
14:00-14:15    Welcome (Gabriele Arcidiacono, Luca Gualtieri)  
14:15-15:00    Lecture 1 – Origins of AD and Axioms (Nam Suh)  
15:00-15:45    Lecture 2 – Functional Thinking and Fundamentals of AD (Chris Brown)  
15:45-16:00    Break  121211
16:00-16:45    Lecture 3 – Manufacturing System Design Decomposition (David Cochran)
16:45-17:30    Lecture 4 – Collective System Design (David Cochran) 
17:30-18:00    Question and Answer  

Wednesday 20 July 2022 – Advanced Concepts and Applications of Axiomatic Design  
08.00-12.00    Groupwork Part 1 (Problem formulation, From CN to FR and C, Top level FR-DP) 
14:00-14:15    Wrap-up Day 1  
14:15-15:00    Lecture 5 – Title to be defined (Joe Foley)  
15:00-15:45    Lecture 6 – Complexity in Axiomatic Design (Erik Puik) 
15:45-16:00    Break  
16:00-16:45    Lecture 7 Example of AD application for problem solving (João Fradinho)
16:45-17:30    Lecture 8 – Design of inclusive workplaces in manufacturing (Erwin Rauch)  
17:35-18:00    Question and Answer  

Thursday 21 July 2022 – Groupwork and presentations 
08.00-12.00    Groupwork Part 2 (Decomposition, FR-DP tree, Acclaro software) 
14.00-14.45    Groupwork Part 3 (Design representation and power point preparation) 
16.00-17.15    Groupwork presentations and discussion 
17.15-18.00    Evaluation and Award Winners 

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