International Conference on Axiomatic Design, ICAD2022
The 15th anniversary of the International Conference on Axiomatic Design will be hosted by the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the Netherlands on October 26-28th 2022.

About the Netherlands

Utrecht is only 25km from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Below you will find the geographical location of the city of Utrecht.

International visitors may use ‘Schiphol’, the Amsterdam airport to travel to the Netherlands. Public transportation works well and a train will bring you to Utrecht straight from the airport to the conference location.

The Netherlands are a Kingdom. 50% Of the country lies below sea level. For ages, the Dutch have been challenged to fight against the water with their dikes. It has has led in great respect for the elements, but also to the early adoption of technology. With companies like Philips and ASML, the Netherlands play a key role in the development of electronics and ICT. Hight tech is the engine behind the Dutch economy.

Cars are not very convenient in Utrecht. Many people use public transportation so that is best for you to do too. However, when you cross the streets, watch out for bicycles, because that is the typical way to transport yourself in Utrecht. It can be really crowded with bicycles, especially during rush hours. And everybody seems in a hurry…